Mev Dominguez-Valentin (MDV), PhD is a Scientist the Department of Tumor Biology of the Institute for Cancer Research from Oslo University Hospital (Norway). She is the Principal Investigator of the largest database in Lynch Syndrome (PLSD) that aims to facilitate personalized precision medicine for Lynch syndrome.
MDV has had extensive mobility throughout her career, with activity across many countries, and even two continents. Her main research areas include Lynch syndrome (LS) and the large prospective observational studies that have recently increased understanding of the effectiveness of colonoscopic surveillance and the heterogeneity of cancer risk between genotypes. Also, the use of multigene panel testing in familial cancer cases without genetic cause demonstrated by single gene testing, to gain information on to which degree other genes may have been causative for cancer in the patients and their relatives, and to be informed on how such genes were deranged to discriminate between normal and disease-causing variants. MDV is also interested in unravelling the challenges of implementing the advances in diagnosis of hereditary cancer susceptibility and applying these insights to clinical practice in Latin America. In addition, MDV have established national and international collaborations in LS that have been crucial, especially in generating knowledge about mismatch repair genes variant classification and sharing of genetic practices within the region. MDV pursues her interest in the genetic epidemiology of hereditary cancers in low-resource setting in Peru. At educational and mentoring level, MDV is co-founder of the Research Experience for Peruvian Undergraduates Program (REPU), active mentor of the international mentoring program in Peru and actively promotes the research of Peruvian scientists in Europe (SINAPSIS).
MDV is the Program director of the European Hereditary Tumor Group (EHTG), Ambassador at the North American Group (CGA) and Scientific advisor of the Latin America Group of the Hereditary Tumors (LA-GETH).

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