“How We Do It”
Showcase Your Center at the 2023 CGA-IGC Annual Meeting

Is there something that your center does in an extraordinary or unique way that others working in the field of hereditary cancer could benefit from hearing about?  Do you have a cascade testing program that is working great? Do you have a pediatric-to-adult transition program that makes things easy? Then we would love to hear all about it!

Based on positive feedback regarding the “How We Do It” presentations that debuted in Nashville, we are looking to incorporate a few of these into the 2023 annual meeting in Las Vegas.  As a reminder, the “How We Do It” presentations are geared towards highlighting the aspects of clinical practice in hereditary gastrointestinal cancer that you and your center do best.

We invite applications on any topic relevant to the field of hereditary gastrointestinal cancers. Applications require the names of the two or more speakers that would take part in the presentation, a brief description of the proposed content, and one learning objective per speaker. At least one speaker needs to be an active CGA-IGC member. We encourage including at least one speaker from a non-traditional CGA-IGC discipline (e.g., not a genetic counselor, gastroenterologist, or colorectal surgeon). 

Each “How We Do It” presentation will be 20-30 minutes.  The preferred format is interactive and case-based if possible.


The submission period will close April 17, 2023.

You can submit more than one application.  Previous applications that have not yet been presented to the CGA audience are welcomed for re-submission. All applications will be reviewed by the CGA-IGC meeting planning committee. Those chosen to participate in the “How We Do It” sessions will receive complimentary registration for speakers in non-traditional CGA-IGC disciplines.


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